A Little Help From my Friends

This of course has nothing directly to do with cats, although one could say that my pets have been influential in how I see and challenge the world.  If the prior statement is true, then the anthem by which I go forth has always been sung in the voice of Joe Cocker.  Like most rock music during that time (70s') it was heavily infused with Rhythm & Blues, Pentecostal Gospel and Soul music.  It was the kind of music that resonated so deeply that you hurt upon hearing it; sometimes you even cried.

Rest well Joe, well done.


  1. Rosemary here
    I received your card in the mail
    I took it unopened to mom and dad, I had to check on them bc of the flu adventure
    I read it. My heart was crushed
    Where have I been? My mom says every day " my life has changed" and mine has too
    I am grieving now for Maus, terribly
    I did not know any of this. I live in a tunnel now.
    I love my parents, I love taking care of them. My life has changed. There is so much I have missed, and this one loss.
    I was not present in your pain, sadness courage,
    I am now grieving
    I love you Carol.

    1. You have had to adjust your life more in less than two years than I think most people face in ten. Some of it happy some of it not so much and all of it hard, so I'm not surprised you missed Maus' s passing. I know you loved her too, reminding you so much of your own. Know that I think of you often and pray for you that G*d keep you strong and Blesses you and you family. ♡U2.


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