WTF - Words for Wednesday

I made Jake a Voodoo Doctor for Halloween.  I think he took the joke too far.

Jake to Moshe Moshi: Dude, I said I was sorry.

I was just trying to make the MaMa laugh. I didn't mean to turn you into a wrinkled lizard.

Me: For my part, I gave both boys a serious talk about the responsibilities of a magic practitioner.  I have to admit though, it did make me laugh, but don't tell Moshe Moshi. 


  1. Replies
    1. I had to update it. Jake was a VooDoo Doctor and Moshe Moshi was the creature Jake turn him into.

  2. Too funny! I love the costumes. They look great :) I always have to just photoshop my cats in costumes because they won't wear them.

    1. It really comes down to what your cat wants. My last three cats were fine with it. My previous two; one who only wear neck ties and the other, nothing at all. Even for the two Jake (my VooDoo cat) won't wear anything that hugs his arms, which is why everything I buy or have made for them is armless.


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