Writer's Block Not Withstanding

It has been a terrible month for blogging. You know the cliche' about the best-laid plans of mice and men…well, large women and naked cats anyway. We just have not been able to follow through with much of our plans.

My new job and the weather have been the largest factors in our lack of post. The new position takes up a lot of my time lately, and as my office reorganizes the work has been tough to keep up with. The weather has kept the boyz indoors. During late fall that is not surprising, but the weather does not usually get cold enough during November to keep them out of parades and personal appearances. We’ve had to cancel quite a few because the temps were below freezing; too cold to carry them around or stroll outside. They do have coats and sweater when the temps are cold, but they don’t typically unless it's to a Vet, go out when the temperatures or wind chill factors are below 40 degrees. Because we don’t go or haven’t had time to read or do anything extra, we had nothing to write about.

This week the only thing going on is that our friends at the FurryDance B&B have invited us down for a couple of days to catch up on writing. We will write about that and hopefully, the time away will put us back on track.

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