Home is Where the Food, Heat and MaMas Are

A Message from the Boyz:

CHo was going abroad this holiday, but our usual accommodations were full up (no room at the Inn). She said she wanted us close to home. We received an invitation from friends to share the weekend with them. I must say, we have had a lovely Thanksgiving so far. We have found shelter at the Furry Dance B&B as a guest of that fashion icon, Coco the Couture Cat and her staff, Disco, Brighton, Sammy, Kelli & Teri of Curlz &Swirlz.

The Furry Dance B&B is a wonderful place to stay. We received:

Luxury Room with spa heating

Lakeside Views, with prime look-out spots

Premium Food - a traditional Venison and fish meal just like the first Thanksgiving!

 Even Gym Services!

 We hope to return again and again.

 How was your holiday?

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