The Freaks Come Out at Night - Words for Wednesday

The title of this post is was actually the name of an R&B song by Whodini, so I'm not trying to insult anyone by calling you cat a freak.  I have had that word applied to my cat by people who have never seen a sphynx before.

Sphynxes just seem like they were made for this holiday (Halloween).  They just creep people out!  That is so funny to me. For example;

Here's one from the Sphynx's Lair in 2012.  What a great pair of wings.  Looks just like an angel!

And look at this one; doesn't he look dapper in his cape!  Ready for a night at the opera.

You're gonna hear me roar, oh, oh oh  oh oh oh oh oh oh...

Moshe Moshi is still putting the final touches on his outfit.  I hope you are all having fun with it this year.


  1. It's so funny that they creep people out. I wonder if it has to do with people not having a chance to see them as much? I've never seen a kitten at a pet store/humane society. I know I would love to have one. :)

    1. I get comments like "Oh, they're not scale y", why anyone would think they are I'm not sure. I always tell people who want a Sphynx once you go naked, you'll stay that way. Though I love cats, I do not miss the hair :o)

  2. Oh my gosh! Mom had a sphinx that looked so similar. Has to scan the pics in!



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