Kiss my Cats

There are some days (and this is one of them) when you just wonder why you bother to get up out of bed, struggling for a reason to go out the door. The weather is funky, work is always unpleasant during the fiscal year end/beginning, my clothes don’t fit right, my eyes are puffy and my feet hurt, it just sucks.

I've been really busy for most of this week (sorry for not blogging). I come home every day tired and spent with very little time or energy to eat well, unwind and catch up on personal things. The boyz have been feeling neglected too; talking at me quite a bit, pushing for my attention more than usual, especially Moshe Moshi. He’s been curled up so close to me every night lately I had to check to see if he was sick (he is going to the Vet to be sure). This morning he just sat in the stroller looking at me with such longing that my heart ached (I’m sure I wasn't having a heart attack…pretty sure…yeah, I’m sure it wasn't …okay). Jake soon joined him and I was double-teamed. I couldn't take the picture fast enough to get them both looking at the camera and before Jake decided to jump on me.  Kissed them both on the head and said I was sorry.

My poor naked cats, we will have tuna and ice cream tonight guys and I promise to make up for the weekend.

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