Faking it Well - Catification Comfort

Though we wanted to start Catification post when the book comes out, we can call this a post with that in mind.

Like any other mammal, sometimes you want to be cool, at times you wanna be warm. As far as my boyz go, they ALWAYS want to be warm. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of being naked. I keep varying the thickness of fuzzy fleece or brushed cotton blankets out all year ‘round. When the fall season comes, I pull out the polar fleece, by far their favorite, or at least that was until they got their first feel of fur. During a weekend spent at a friend's home, the cats got a chance to curl up with a faux fur blanket. Pure bliss is the only phrase I could think of to describe their reaction. It was the only time I had ever seen Moshe Moshi dream (flinching his paws and chirping while asleep). I told them I would buy them a fur blanket for the holidays.

I had been trying to find a color and pattern that I liked when a circumstance occurred that kind of made me reneged on that promise. I didn’t want to. It was after that event when I went to an allergist and found out I have pet dander and dust mite allergies. The cat danger issues I could deal with as far as fur was concerned; all I had to do was brush and clean it outside the home. It was the dust mites that would present a problem. Dust mites are microscopic. All they do in life is eat, shit and reproduce, all in the same spot. The only way to kill dust mites is heat. The only way to eliminate the food supply and poop is too wet wash an item. Dry cleaning is chemical and dry and does not clean using heat. Thus it is not an effective way to eliminate the allergens. I was also concerned about the boyz’ exposure to the chemicals used to clean fur, so I nixed the idea. However, I couldn't shake the image of how comfortable and happy they looked while sleeping on faux fur.

I do most of my shopping online. I get email alerts from my favorite stores. West Elm had just sent out an email announcing the fall/winter catalog, and I just happened to peruse the blanket section. If you have read this blog for the past year you may know we support programs that help endangered species, like the snow leopard. We did a post; Snow Leopard Realness (7/17/14) that talked a little about snow leopards and the World Wildlife Fund . Though I would never purchase real fur from any animal, I love the pattern of snow leopard fur and have owned faux fur hats in that realm.  Careful to avoid chemically rendered dog hair or fur from other animals.  You should ask the store/company the manufacturing before you buy, especially if you object to any fur. West Elm’s Faux fur is acrylic/polyester (painted, spun plastic).

That wasn't enough to make me buy one; there was still the chemical issue. A friend put me in touch with a dry cleaner that does fur cleaning using a natural process and UV light. Though I’m still not 100% on this, the price of the blanket + the cost of maintaining it was low enough that I would give it a try, so the boyz are getting their snow leopard throw.

I will do a future post of the effectiveness of the cleaning process and some recommendations if you have the same allergy concerns. I am such a push over.

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