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For some reason, I had a hard time finding a premise for why I was going to make books a regular part of the blog. Not everyone is a reader; not everyone likes what I read. Since this is a blog that speaks mostly about cat things I thought I would share some of the books that I read. They may or may not have anything to do with cats; some do directly or indirectly. The range will cover Non-Fiction and Fiction, Mysteries/Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Fantasy, novels, poetry, graphic novels, and cartoons.

Most of this stems from a conversation I had with a non-cat person who was in a book club with me. Our group was larger than usual, and the book we were discussing that week just happened to have cats in it. My friend complained that “cat ladies” seem only to read books about cats (he was trying to date a girl in the group, and cat books were all she talked about according to him). He doesn’t consider me a cat lady, partially because he knows my interest and partly because I wear a t-shirt that says “Call me a Crazy Cat Lady just one mo’ time and I will F*%king cut you” (better safe than sorry). I guess my point is that most people have a genre or subject matter they frequently revisit in books. Some people favor biographical or memoirs, some like me tend towards mysteries (I like most of the mine bloody and violent). Most people (I would think) have a range, but one tends to gravitate to what interest them the most. For me, sometimes that is cat themed books, at times it is serial killers.

I decided I would talk about my reading choices; mostly because I wanted to encourage anyone out there facing or living with the loss of sight that they can enjoy books in many different areas and interests and that the technology exists today to provide that opportunity. Whether it’s AudioBooks, Magnification, Braille, Large Print or Kindle, there is a format in which you can enjoy books. A tab labeled “Under the Cat’s Paw” will have an archive of posts from this site on books we will review. Please feel free to comment and suggest a book and maybe we will feature it on the blog.

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