The Crate is Our Friend

If I can give a recommendation on crates, you should always have them open, making it a regular part of you cat's environment.

I hear horror stories all the time of cat owners raging battles to get their cat in the crate to go to the Vet.  Simon's Cat just created an animation of such a situation.  My cats never had a problem with it because from the very beginning of their living with me; I always left the carriers open and accessible.  I can even put their traveling clothing on the and leave an open crate by the door, and they willingly get in with the fuss.  Moshe Moshi HATED crates when he first came to live with me.  Now they are no big deal.

We will have some fun with our carriers in later posts when the weather changes so stay tuned! 

1 comment:

  1. Ours is this soft-sided thing that we never see coming. Suddenly we're just...IN it. *disgusted look* HRMPF.


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