Summer's End, Change is Coming

Hello, naked fans. We are finally going forward with our redesign of the blog.  Along with the new banner and look of the blog we did at the beginning of the Summer, we are doing a significant change in content. We will be adding those changes over the weeks to come but will post each day this week to talk about our content more in detail. The boyz and I thank you for your patience, your return, and your support both with our changes and your prayers for Maus and the boyz. Maus's absence still impacts all, and it's our love for her that propels us forward with our plans. You will still see her influence in much of what we will do.
One change we did not plan for was the need for a new stroller. The Naked Red Stroller broke and was trashed right after the 4th of July parade, and the boyz had been without wheels since. Because Jake has retired from public appearances, I wasn't sure we needed another behemoth stroller. Miss Coco of Coco, the Couture Cat, offered us one that didn't work for her "brand." Since Miss Coco's signature color is PINK and the picture in the advertisement certainly showed it pink in color, she was disappointed when the wheels arrived less than pink.  You can see from our video the purple-ish wheels were not quite pink enough, so she offered this one to us.  The boyz don't seem wild about the change; it will have to grow on them, but we do appreciate being back on the road, Thanks. Miss Coco.
Tomorrow we will post about our home Catification project. Everyone have a restful Labor-less day

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  1. How very nice of Coco's mom! Maybe the stroller needs a little time? Good luck with all your projects! Our mom keeps saying she is going to update our blog too, but . . .

  2. Pee S We forgot to say Happy Labor Day!


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