Rehab - Words for Wednesday

OK, no one is actually in Rehab, but after I gave Moshe Moshi a birthday gift and he shared it with his brother, I may have to put them both there.

The other day I was talking with my dear friend, Teri (Coco the Couture Cat's Assistant, Chef  & Driver) about my catification and the need for enhancement products that engaged the boyz' thinking skills.  She recommended the Flower Slo-Bowl Interactive Dog Feeder.   It was designed for dogs to slow the rate that they ate their treats, but it works for cats too, providing them with the challenge of out to get the kibble out of the maze.

We got the pink one, and the boyz did not mind the color this time. 

It was slow going at first; Moshe Moshi was at a loss of how to get the food out, partial because of his sight issues and partially because I never had Moshe Moshi problem solve before (I'm trying to be a better naked Ma, really).  Like always he watched his older brother Jake figure it out first and then the both of them took turns trying to scoop out the Halo kibble.

For my part, I got home really late last night (8 pm which is late for me) and fed the boyz late.  Feeling guilty I wanted to give Moshe Moshi his birthday gift that night.  I made the mistake of leaving it out as I drifted off to sleep and was woken periodically by the sounds of scraping claws and kibble against plastic.  Serves me right.  Any Whoo, they both liked it.

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