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The boyz and I have long since been a huge fan of Primal Pet Foods. Given our history of dietary and nutritional issues with the kidz, Primal has always been an irreplaceable part of the boyz diet. Whether grinds or mixes, freeze-dried or raw, Primal always seems to put out the best quality foods our cats crave.

Our friends at Chewy sent and asked us to comment on Primal Turkey Liver Munchies Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats. The boyz can’t stomach jerked meats treats well if at all (in Jake’s case) and we avoid almost all commercially bagged hard treats because of the added chemicals. Primal’s freeze-dried meat is just what it implies, in this case, Turkey Livers, freeze-dried, and nothing more. Both Jake and Moshe Moshi love the taste. I crunch them up, and Jake can quickly devour his treats despite the lack of teeth. Moshe Moshi can eat him in larger chunks and experiences no IBS/IBD symptom which is a great relief to me, and I’m sure to him also.

Easily digestible, good texture and taste, not a mess to handle, clean and chemical-free in a convenient resealable pouch, what more would you ask for in a treat?!

You can get yours online at, your pet's favorite foods, treats, and supplies delivered to your door! Tell them sent you! 

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