National Pet Memorial Day - Ugh...

lWho comes up with these things?!

I had found out late yesterday that every second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day. Being a Veteran, I can rationalize the country's need for a memorial holiday.  My dad and my godfather are both at Arlington National Cemetery.  I do manage to visit both twice a year, once on their yahrzeit anniversary (day of their death on the Jewish Calendar), and during the Memorial Day weekend.  It's not that I don't think about them or care to forget.  It's just that life becomes busy, and no one wants to dwell on their pain, certainly not me.  Memorial Day is, so we remember those that fought for our freedom, expressly recognize the men and women that willingly put on the uniform and answer the call of our country and appreciate that sacrifice.  I tried to put pet memorial day somewhere in that sentiment, but I could not.

Being Jewish, I can appreciate remembering the sacrifice of those fought for and still fight for Israel or for those who perished during the Shoah/Holocaust.  We remember as a statement to the world that this must never happen to any people every again.  I tried to put pet memorial day somewhere in this sentiment, but I could not.

I can understand our putting aside a day to remember a pet long since lost to us.  If the day was Animal Memorial Day, I could latch on to that, but I'm not sure I can think of hat way about my pets.

But then again, let me rethink this.

The loss of my childhood pets doesn't impact my life anymore. Maus was different.

Maybe it was because she was the first pet that was mine.  My previous pets were all figuratively dumped on me.  It's not that I didn't care for or love all of them, it's just that I never chose to be a pet owner until Jake, Maus, and Moshe Moshi, they were my friends, not just my pets.  My naked kidz set me on a course of how every pet in my life from that moment on will impact me.

So what am I saying?  Nothing. I just miss my little girl.

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