Naked Dancing

Sorry 'bout not posting yesterday; we were so hyped up on free coffee and pumpkin donuts that when we sat down to write we wrote a 500 page novel in a hour and 52 minutes.  Since  we think that's a little long for your average blog post we instead counteracted the affect with Mudslides and let the caffeine and sugar run its course.

Since we did say earlier in the month as new pages were going up that we would cover all things naked including dogs, I present to you Nathan the Dancing Dog. Nathan is a Chinese Crested and we think he is very handsome and awesomely talented (go Nathan, go Nathan...).  Nathan helps promote the Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue which networks to find homes for hairless and small breed dogs. Every naked dog or cat should have a home filled with great food, fuzzy blankets, exceptional wardrobe choices and a loving family.

cool dog logo_green

If you are interested in adopting a naked or small dog or you want to help Nathan's efforts, just click the logo and go to their page.  Your donations are tax deductible since they are an official 501 c3 organization.

Party on Nathan, see you on the dance floor!

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