Is it Talk Like a Pirate or Walk Like an Egyptian?

Talk like a Pirate, that's right.

There are some theories of how this started.  Around here (Washington D.C.) it's a real draw for bars.  In Silver Spring MD, it's the one day when the Pirate Bar has a crowd. If you watch the TV show "Bar Rescue" the Pirate Bar was pegged one of the show's worst bars/owners. It's well deserved, but surprisingly it is still operational.   Anyway, we use this day to think more of Moshe Moshi big sister, Maus (who passed away in May).  For Maus EVERY day was Talk Like a Pirate day..."Arg" was her signature meow. ☺ That's a happy memory. 

I have Pacific Islander heritage in my ancestry (Papuan and Maori). Among the Papuan, there was no word for naked, and not specific for a cat as a pet, but found something close (push ngeru).  I looked up the Maori word for naked (tahanqa) which is what is written in Moshe Moshi picture.  Maybe next year we will do this on a boat. 

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