Caught in the Act

No, No, Courtney Act was on RuPaul’s Drag Race, a completely different subject to what I’m talking about (although we did LOVE her last season). I mean the boyz were caught in the act! They slept in the fake pink stroller last night…together!


I have been washing the winter polar fleece with the laundry the past couple of laundry days. I was thinking of how the kidz use to sleep in the red stroller during the winter when I piled polar fleece in and around it last year and figured it might work this time to get the boyz to like the new set of wheels. They were tussling late evening so I wasn’t sure it would work again, but at wake up time this morning they were still inside sound asleep. They even took their post-breakfast nap in it before I went off to work.  What I will do is get some yarn and crochet a seasonal cover and go to JoAnn's and get the more festive polar fleece.


I am relieved.

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