A Day at the Festival

Moshe Moshi and I attended our neighborhood Folk Festival yesterday.  It was a perfect sunny-shiny day wit low humidity, just right for a hairless cat and a large, menopausing woman (catch them cool breezes, sisters).

I have to say we were a lot more political this year than usual.  Mind you; Takoma Park has always been a very activist town for politics.  We lean left, but we do have our conservative base also.  All of our local candidates were out "pressing the flesh" in this election year.  The political action groups were also out this year; nuclear-free, peace action, campaign spending, gun rights/gun control groups.  That took up half the tables. There were very few vendors this year.  This event usually held in downtown Takoma Park was out at the Middle school which made the venue seem even smaller.

The folk bands did a show, but only two stages outdoors, one shady, one not.  We managed to sit when we needed to and move when Moshe Moshi wanted to.  He got his fair share of attention and in spite of the light showing this year, we enjoyed ourselves.

However, to Moshe Moshi's chagrin, we had many comments about him being in a "Pink" stroller.  Everyone thought he was a girl. That pho-pa doesn't help me get him use to the idea of not being in a hot-pink set of wheels.



  1. looks like a good time - despite the pink :)

  2. They are still trying to adjust to the change of style, but we'll live ; o}

  3. Even with Coco's preponderance of pink AND wearing dresses... I still get asked if she's a girl. My response is Yes, my boys wear boy clothes, hahameow! Maybe you should go with some tie-dyed fabric and fringe like dreds and make it look Hippie Dippie or Rastafurrian!

    1. To be fair, half of them thought he was a dog, a little more than usual. One woman thought the cat in Austin Powers was a dog.


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