Way Back Wednesday - Jake

This image of Jake was one of the first pictures I had taken of him.  It was summer, but I often kept the air conditioner up high, and my new family (Jake and Maus) always seemed chilly. I was trying on doll clothing as a way to keep them warm.  Jake was not thrilled about the shape or cut of the garment as you can see.  It was about this time that my neighborhood opened a pet supply shop, The Big Bod Woof.  They had a variety of foods and clothing I found something more comfortable for him to wear.  It turned into their first modeling contract, and this picture turns into my first pet-centered holiday card.


  1. He looks quite the opposite of naked and hungry in this one! Hope you guys are doing well!!!

    Erika and Sebastian

    1. We are doing better, always good to hear from you!!

  2. Oh, a naked boy disguised as a Dalmatian ! What a glare ! Purrs


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