They Missed Me

They missed me.

I went away for a long weekend to see friends. I don’t get many weekends away from the homestead. What made this one different was the boyz stayed home. This was my first weekend alone since Maus died and their first without me since that time.

I had the usual stirrings; it was hard to sleep without them…meals were complete, but I always felt like something was missing. The roommate was home with them, so it’s not like they were alone. I made a point about not texting the roommate to ask how they were; he would have called if there was a problem.

On the way home Sunday afternoon, I texted the roommate of my pending arrival and asked how the boyz did the weekend. He informed me the two of them slept out in the living room on the comforter the entire time (not in the bedroom) and when they were not asleep, they stayed by the door, only leaving to eat or to go to the litter box. It’s not like they don’t wait for me when I come home very late on a workday or if I’m out for late dinner or event on the weekend or that I’ve never stayed overnight without them. However, that was with Maus being here. This was our first separation in the new routine.

When I arrived, they didn’t fuss at me, but they did hover around me a bit more than usual. When we went to bed, the boyz slept close to me and did not wake me this morning. I wonder if they were concerned I wasn’t coming back?

Like I’ve said in previous post people (me included) tend to imprint our own emotional coping onto our pets. They’d both eventually resigned themselves to Maus not coming back. The fact that Jake searched for her for a couple of weeks after her death tells me he had no understanding of death’s finality, only of the absence of her presence. I know animals measure time in some way but do the boyz now worry when I don’t come home? I’ll have to observe this and look for other changes. For now, it’s good to be home, I missed them too.

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