The Bagman

I know many cats like boxes.  Mine are no different, although they don't seem to have the need to sit in tiny boxes.  In the case of my boyz, the box has to be big and tilted on its side so they can stealthily watch the room.  If I had to say what they like more than boxes, that would be bags; especially Moshe Moshi.

Like so many other things in my life I had to change because of the habits of my cats, having an open bag laying around is a no-no unless I'm prepared to surrender it to the Moshi Monster.  I always have to pick them up as soon as I finished.  This action would seem only right; who wants a bunch of bags just tossed around the house after all.  I, on the other hand, MUST pick them up because not only is Moshe Moshi very attached to them, but he's not the brightest bulb in the room when it comes to getting out of the bag.

A couple of years ago I came home to the familiar scene of cats greeting me at the door (Jake & Maus) and the strange sounds of muffled mewing coming from a bedroom closet.  Moshe Moshi had managed to get into a bag, but when he wanted to get out, he had put his head through one of the handle loops and could not figure how to back out of it.  It was both funny and scary since I didn't know how long he had been like that (he rushed to the litter box as soon as I freed him), and the loop was pretty firm around his neck.  Lesson learned, they are picked up and folded as soon as I finish with it, but he got this one as soon as it hit my bed.

I'm getting slow in my old age.


  1. gonna have to get him one of those paper bags and cut the handles off so he can have his own fort :)

    1. I get those reusable bags. I get paper grocery bags occasionally, and he DESTROYS them in a day. I try to remember to get one or two when I do shop just so he can have them, but he us strangely partial to the reusable ones.

  2. Yup, two out of three kitties over here like'em too!


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