Polar Vortex...Really?!

Earlier in the year, this area as well as places across the U.S. learned a new term.  No, not speaking of Jeracio or whatever it was called in July of 2012.  I mean this past winter; the term Polar Vortex.  Personally I just think Al Roaker makes this shit up.

Anyway, we are due for a Polar Vortex event, but this time it will be in July.  The hottest days of the year will see temps in the 50's!  I of course am thrilled; I get to throw open the windows; that is if this weather event does not cause server storms like the Jeracio-thingee.  The boyz, not so much.  All they can think of is chilly, chilly, chilly.

The boyz in bed with me, under comforter and my hairy leg.

For as much as they complain about abrupt weather changes, I might as well pull out a fuzzy blanket so they will not yell at me or sweat me out at night. Damn you Weather Channel...Damn you all to Hell!


  1. wish it were in the 50s here....but it must be tough being nekkid :)

    1. Yeah, life is really tough having your own living with your very own 285lb. heating bag that feeds you and cleans your poop...hard life.

  2. US TOO. We're gonna plunge in 2 days. Brrrrrrrr......


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