Parade Rest

The Parade was light this year; no school bands, some of the club organizations were missing too.  Around the area, we were a bit unsure if the Parade would be washed out. The rain from Hurricane Arthur didn't stop until very early that morning, which would have to reschedule it for the next day. I think some of the groups thinking that would be the case canceled out.  The reorganizing delayed the start of the Parade by 45 minutes. Despite this, one could not have picked a nicer day for it.  The weather was beautiful, the humidity level low and the sun brilliant and high.

The crowd was festive and engaged in the event, and the boyz enjoyed the sun. It was also breezy early on.  The sun was going in and out of the clouds that were on their way out of the area and made for a cold start, giving Jake a chill in the beginning.  I had to give him my sweater to warm him.  The sun did eventually break, though, and I was glad I brought the sun protection for Moshe Moshi; he was getting a little red there (we took shade breaks).

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves, and the boyz were very popular as usual. We hung out and had ice cream after the parade, then went home for a well-deserved nap. The boyz did not go out for  Fireworks; we stayed home, ate pizza and watched it on TV. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.


  1. ooh yeah, people don't think about sunburn for their pets! We saw a shaved poodle with WHITE fur and the pink skin was showing through - we thought the same thing: SUNBURN waiting to happen!

    1. Sunburn can occur within 15 minutes of exposure, so we are always careful, even indoors. I did a post called "Here Comes the Sun" about a week ago that talks about sunscreen and safe sun practices. I hope people find it helpful and a little funny.


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