Never the Last Picture Show

We ♥ old movies.  When we don't have any appearances to make in town or the weather sucks is not hospitable, we stay in and fire up the DVD player (we do not have Blue Ray and are not ashamed). This weekend passed it was Hair and Lawrence of Arabia.

Hair was a musical  You can say it was about the 1970's culture shift with the Hippie counter culture vs. traditional values set within the period of the Vietnam War, but we just like the hair parts because we get to sing with the movie.

Then we watch Lawrence of Arabia; WW1, lots of sand, tribal fights and a white dude fixes everything just like in real life. 

 Honestly, T.E. Lawrence was a real person and a liaison from the British to assess archaeological aspect of the Negev Dessert and ended up leading the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire (Turkish Army).  This ultimately lead to partitioning of "Arabia" to the states they are today if they could stop fighting about it long enough to survive it.

We like movies and musicals with some historical attachments, although "artistic license" usually wins out over facts. Take it from DJ Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element) "But who cares!"  It's entertainment after all, not a history lesson.  We have no qualms about any of it.  It gives us an opportunity to imagine ourselves being in the movies which is always fun.

What's your favorite kind of movie? 

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