Day Trip Denied!

I had to give Moshe Moshi extra kisses this morning because I could not take him to work with me.

 We were on our way down the stairs this morning, and a screw came off of his stroller. The wheelbase did not come off of the stroller, but what will happen if I continued to use it is the wheel will unscrew from the base and fall off. At the moment it is rolling around like that shopping cart you see in the know, with the one crazy wheel?   Anyway, I have had this stroller now for almost four years now, and for sure I have put it through the ringers. It was on track to be replaced anyway with a lighter model and a backpack since for the most part, only M. Moshi will be going out with me to events. I just wasn’t planning on having that happen today.

I’m going to take it to the bike shop this evening and see if we can get it fixed before the 4th so we can still use it for our parade.

Sorry Moshi Man

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