Do we do stories that are controversial? Certainly, we (I) have written stories or made comments that are controversial and sometimes I can even say I do that with intent to be controversial. BlogPaws had put up a post the other day asking How Pet Bloggers Should Handle Controversy. This specific blog is relatively new, not yet a year old and with me being sick cats and the death of our angel Maus, we (I) have been a little shaky on finding our footing, our place in the blogosphere. It had always been my intention to have N&H to be a little edgier in content, something that challenges our readers.

In the coming weeks I am going to take on some issues that will hopeful provoke both thought, and action, but like all good stories, I need to have my research on point and not just be a mouthpiece for my opinions. This blog is all about my opinions about things attached to the cats, but I want to present informed opinions and not just gut reactions to things that upset me or become moralistically judgmental about what you do.

You’ll see those changes come soon! Hope you stay to watch the chaos!

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