The Opportunities of Loss

My apartment is south facing, so I get the sunshine all year 'round. The only difference is that in the winter, the sun comes through my bedroom window most of the day. As Spring turns to Summer, it shifts to my dining room, through the balcony doors. The cat's eternal compass shifts with the changes; going from the bedroom window to their spots in the dining room. This was true for Maus who would spend hours either staring out into the woods or sleep in the sun on the roommate's chair. It was why in her last hour I placed her there so she could feel the rays and the breeze one last time.

For the past week or so, the boyz have taken up residence on "her" spot. It's not unfamiliar to see them there. It's just that Maus often slept there by herself, a respite from the boyz who most often curled up in the cat chair on the other side of the room. Moshe Moshi for his part is only in the chair because Jake is there. He would never be there on his own. I'm not sure why Jake is sleeping there, and I'm trying not to read anything into it. Though everything around the apartment was washed after Maus's death, I neglected to clean the dining seat cushions. I'm sure her scent is still there.

It's a comfortable spot; maybe he's just taking the opportunity to lie in a place that previously was not available to him (Maus often pushed the boyz off if she didn't want to be bothered). Maybe the sun heats the cushions and Jake's old bones like the therapeutic effects. And yes, maybe he misses her, and that's the closest thing to having her here.

Whatever the reason, for now, he is content to spend his post-breakfast naps where the heat is good, the bottoms are soft, and the scent is heavenly.


  1. *soft purrs of remembrance*

    Chag Sameach Shavuos....

    1. Thank you, Chag Sameach and receive The Torah with Joy!


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