Not the most flattering of pictures of me,  but the kisses are always welcome. Moshe Moshi is a very affectionate naked cat, sometimes to the point of jealousy.  He will always try to compete for my affection with anyone; human, other pets, doesn't matter. Kissing pets really annoys some people. I have several friends who are a little freaked out by it.  It's that whole hygiene thing I guess.

Observer: "Ewe, he kissed you!  You let him do that?! Do you know what he's doing with his mouth?!"
Moi: "Yeah, the same thing you would be doing if you were talented or lucky."

I say this to both men and women. I thought about being nicer and more understanding of their dismay, that is if I thought their concern was for my good being.  But honestly, they are just worried about what they'd catch from me so screw 'em.

There are some things you can catch from your pet during this type of contact; any number of nasty little parasites that can do some damage to your system so it may be wise to keep that in mind. I spend a small fortune on wipes and antibacterial stuff that I always keep with me for just such an encounter, but that has only been in the past couple of years I started using them.  For the records, I've had pets kissing me all of my life, and I've yet to catch a bug/worm/parasite from any of them.

Postscript: Sandy paper tongues make great chin exfoliates. I haven't had an ingrown hair since.

Post-Postscript: Have to admit, Moshe Mosi does taste like butt sometimes.

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