I Don't Like Peas

I found out this morning there is a blog called " I Don't Like Peas."  By all means check it out if you like photography, cats, travel, etc. However, that is not the subject of the post.

I'm often amazed at what the boyz will or will not eat.  Jake is an absolute carnivore; loves his red meat, white meat, other white meat, fish/shellfish.  Not wild about veggies or fruit or dairy, although he does like to chew on plants.  Jake also likes Challah (egg bread most associated with Jewish Sabbath if braided).  He does not like bread in general, just Challah.

Moshe Moshi, on the other hand, eats meat because it's what I feed him.  He does like chicken, (which he gets sparingly because of allergies) but not deeply.  He eats venison mostly, but there is no one meat he's all that wild about.  I think he must have been a vegetarian, a sloth or someone who slaughtered animals in another life and needed to atone for it because he LOVES fruit and vegetables, cheese and ice cream.  He is especially fond of peas.

Jake eats several Weruva flavors that contain peas and carrots.  He usually eats around them and then Moshe Moshi goes in and eats what Jake leaves behind.  I use to think it was because the veggies had been in chicken and gravy, but no.  He ate peas and carrots off my plate the other day.

I don't like peas.  Moshe Moshi is welcomed to them (weird, naked cat).

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