Fuzzy Cover

I am not a meditator, I ponder. My third or fourth draft of this post, trying to explain what I mean by that statement and decided to give up on an explanation, but I do ponder. This post is one of my ponderings (if there is such a noun instead of an adjective).

Cat’s tails seem to have many uses. I can understand using it for balance or assist the body as a rudder for directional shifts at high speeds.  The tail also shows emotion.  It is a toy when nothing else is available. The tail defines a space when one is sitting or laying out and is also a shield against the sun…they all seemed to do that.

(I am in pondering mode about now…).

Does that help; sleeping with your eyes covers by your tail? The boyz seem to think so. Even Maus use to do that. They don’t all do the other activities, but they all appear to cover their eyes with their tails. It’s not like they don’t have dark places to sleep, and at the time of this occurred there was no sun shining at them. Maybe it’s just comfortable. Let me try that.

Yeah, I guess it’s okay.


  1. MOL! Humans need to step aside and let us experts handle the dangerous stunts like tail-covering (although since you humans don't HAVE one, we suppose an arm might work okay....) ;-)

    1. Now I have to go and crochet a tail so I can truly ponder correctly...thanks.


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