Cool Jazz Sunday

We had a great time at the Takoma Park Jazz Festival.  We skipped PRIDE because Jake wanted to go out with us.  As you may remember, I retired Jake and Maus from most public appearances due to their health and age.  Jake’s kidney damage was not as severe as Maus’s was, but he is 11 now, and all that attention and many hands can overwhelm him sometimes.  This time, I just think he didn’t want to be alone, which will be an issue for him since Moshe Moshi will be doing overnights with me; especially next BlogPaws.  Though he was a year older than Maus, they came from the same breeder and came to live with me at the same time.  He’s never known an entire day without her, until now. He’s been adjusting well. We still have spots around the apartment I missed while cleaning and he can still smell her in some places and reacts less to the discovery.  He has indeed drawn closer the Moshe Moshi; they play so much more now than ever before. It’s a good sign.

The boyz were popular during the festival.  More than a few said we were the highlight of the day, although I would correct them to say, “They are the highlight, I just push the stroller.” I doubt if we were the true highlight; the jazz was cool as well as the breeze, but we were grateful for the compliments. There were not enough food choices at the festival.  I'm sure this will be the topic of the next community meeting. We did manage to snag Moshe Moshi a cool tie-dye hoodie.  All in all, we have a splendid time.

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