What Can't Be Washed Away

I spent most of this weekend cleaning the condo. When Maus was in decline, I didn't do much in the way of house cleaning. Now that it has been two weeks since her passing I figured it's about time to get our lives back in order.

 I washed all of my clothes. I picked up all trash and took it out to the dumpster. Swept, mopped and vacuumed all floors. Cleaned all surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen and gave the cabinets a bit of reorganizing. I put all drugs I ...she no longer needed in a bag to take back to the Vet, just in case someone who could not afford to pay for their meds could have what was left.

Then I took to managing their things.

 I washed out all of their stuff. I cleaned the water fountains where they all drank, put in a fresh filter too. Their cocoons, the stroller, the black enclosure we take to public appearances, all washed, aired and clean. I did the same to the green carrier, a remnant of their first stroller, they all slept in and where she laid while bathed in sunshine when she passed away. I washed the SleepyPod that carried her body, wrapped in a felt blue blanket on her final ride. I washed everything.

I gathered her wardrobe. There is an assortment of dresses, sweaters, and hats. I had already given a few away to a fellow fashion cats. The rest along with some of the boyz outfits they no longer wore are going to one particular friend down south. I went to the hall storage closet to retrieve a box to pack these things, and under a basket, I saw the tiny felt ball we last played fetch. I could just as well have tossed it; the boyz aren't much for fetch. Instead, I place it in a small box where her Holiday dress and hat reside. These things I needed to linger on along with her scent so like with the image of her beautiful face, I will never wash her away.

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  1. When Em passed, I did something similar.. but instead of a ball I kept her insulin vial. I think I finally had my husband throw it out after a half dozen years when we bought a new fridge.. I couldn't bring myself to do it - either that or he put it in with her ashes..

    May the time when these memories bring you more comfort than pain come quickly..



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