To Urn is Human

The kid’z Vet office called me the other day; Maus’s cremains are back and I can pick them up at any time. I must admit, it felt strange to hear that in my head, but honestly, I’m very much looking forward to having her back home.

I had said in my post What Can’t Be Washed Away that I was keeping some items that belonged to Maus; couple of her favorite dresses, fuzzy balls we played fetch with, last year’s holiday card hat, a charm with a stone that reminded me of her eyes. A friend from the Smithsonian is making me a Gallery Box (used to display items), but he wants to do it in a particular wood and we don’t know what size because I’m missing one item, so that will be awhile in coming. The item I am missing is her Urn.

When Maus had received her CKD diagnosis I set to prepare myself for her eventual demise by shopping for an Urn. I could imagine that purchasing urns for a pet is not unlike that for a person. There were many offered at the crematorium, but I just asked that I’d get her cremains in a cardboard box. Most sites that advertise pet urn specifically have the same items seen at the crematorium. I wanted Maus to rest in something that reflected what I saw in Maus’s life. I wanted beauty and softness; warmth and simplicity. The little wooden boxes I see holding pet remains are fine, but it wasn’t what I envisioned for any of my kidz. I remembered a post on about unique pet urns so I took to the place where uniqueness resides, Etsy. There were some wonderful urns being offered and I would recommend that if this process matters to you greatly you may want to consider an Etsy purchase. What was decided is this simple stoneware jar from Vitrified Studio.

Being Etsy, the work is individually hand-made and fired. They are able to provide a variety of colors and the one that we chose allows for not only her name but a space for a message or poem type embedded into the stoneware. It takes a few weeks to make and ship and we will show hers when it comes. I considered ordering one each for the boyz, but neither boy fits the simple elegance of the urn. Jake’s will probably get the loudest designed urn I can find and Moshe Moshi will get…not sure about Moshe Moshi’s yet. Hopefully I still have time for that. For now, we are just focused on Maus.

Vitrified Studio is not specifically a pet urn company. It’s a tiny, home-based ceramics shop that makes stoneware items like dinnerware and serving dishes. The Urns are in the style of most of her craft. I think I will email them and find out why they decided to make pet urns. That’s for a later post. For now, we wait for all to come home.

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