The Gang's All Here

The boyz did not have a reaction to the box.  They spent a good 30 minutes being loved up by the staff at the clinic; and me too, all of the staff regulars came up to me and gave me a hug and asked how I was doing.

I have to say I was a little stunned when they handed me the box that held her cremains. It was huge, uncharacteristic to Maus. My little girl was locked in this thick, hefty box.  They assured me Maus had an individual cremation and that they were only her remains.  The weight was probably the box itself. Placing her in the stroller under a blanket, we said our goodbyes and expressed our appreciation, then took a stroll in downtown Takoma Park.

The boyz drew a crowd as they usually do and we had and lovely afternoon sitting in the shade and eating a little ice cream.
I did open the box once I got home and they were right, most of the weight is the box itself; there wasn't much of her to give weight to anything. It came with a certificate of individual cremation and a card of condolences. The Vet office also gave me a card that all the staff signed along with an imprint of her paws and some of her beautiful curly hair.

Though I appreciate the sentimental tokens,  I am glad I ordered the ceramic jar.

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