Ready for the Green Weedend

Yeah, we know it's only been a four day work week for the MaMa, but is there really such a thing when you must take care of naked cats? Hell no. The boyz are up, although Jake is feeling the unusual chill this morning

He'll be alright by the afternoon when the sunshine returns.  I hear it's gonna be lovely then and through Sunday.

Speaking of the weekend, the Green Festival is happening in Washington DC at the Convention Center.  I am defiantly going; whether Moshe Moshi will make an appearance is still being worked out. There is not going to be a pet fashion show this year, so if we do go, it will just be in support of the Big Bad Woof. Until then we will just say good morning (#MayaAngelou, #OnthePulseofMorning).

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  1. Our mom had the honor of working several times with Dr. Angelou. She even got to the point where Dr. Angelou requested mom call her Mrs. Angelou - which was an honor, since formality was a very important thing to her, and the progression from Dr. to Mrs. was significant!


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