Getting to Know You

The boyz and I are still house sitting until our friend Coco the Couture Cat returns from BlogPaws. We haven't been doing much, just taking care of Coco's housemates.  I guess what is new is my seeing things about the boyz I didn't know or haven't seen before. We are getting to know each other all over again.
The boyz, before Maus's death, had close moments. When we travel, the boyz tend to lay together.  For warmth, they certainly do hang, but for comfort or play each would hang with Maus.  Here, they have played with each other, slept together and engaged me together without competition which for me has been the most surprising. Not once has Jake pushed Moshe Moshi away or tried to outmaneuver Moshe Moshi.
They miss cat trees (I had to rid us of the carpeted one because of allergies) and hanging toys.  They miss running full tilt around the room. They miss chasing light dots. I guess over time I didn't realize how much of my focus has been on their health issues and not their quality of life. When Maus was in renal failure, my focus has been keeping things as clean and sanitary to prevent or minimize opportunistic infections. Jake's kidneys were also damaged but not as bad as Maus, and I went double duty on the clean and calm home.  I would let all play, but not hard. Jake at 11 is not young, but he has shown me he still has a lot of life and play left in him.
I guess when we go home, it's obviously time to bring fun and happy back to the Meir home. I hope our transition home will be smooth. I still really miss her.


  1. it is never easy, but it is interesting to see the change in dynamics. (oh, and a friend of ours built a cat tree out of 2x4 and wine crates - cute and no carpet)

    1. There are several on the market now, in kits, plans and ready made that just haven't bothered to act on for the past two years. I just need to do it.


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