I have always said that she was my angel. Now I know it's true.

This picture is of Maus and me during BlogPaws 2013 in Tysons, VA last year. With a little enhancement, you can see the picture is perfect to show how I feel about my little girl.

For everyone attending BlogPaws 2014 in Vegas, know that we miss you and miss being there to see our friends.

Be safe, have fun, wishing everyone a successful conference.  Jake, Moshe Moshi and I will be turning in online to see the festivities.

For all that emailed and posted to the blog and to our Facebook page upon hearing of Maus's passing, thank you.  It meant a lot to us.


  1. It seems we have come to visit right after you loss. Our boys seemed to react similarly when Coco passed. They sat next to him on the bed for 2 days while he wound down to his quiet end. Something they never did previously. After they were quiet for a few days and seemed to give me more affection of the quiet type.
    I think they experience more than we can ever imagine. It is just so very different from our understanding that there are no words to construct what they see, feel and understand
    Purrs from all of us
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  2. I'm so sorry to read about Maus. She was truly a darling.


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