We Be Ballin'

I am not much of a sports fan.  It's not that I don't like sporting, I was quite the athlete in my youth.   However, my big sports event, the only one I followed religiously was cycling.  I cycled everyplace I was stationed, and I truly miss it. My bad eyesight killed my participation in the sport; Lance Armstrong killed my desire to follow it on TV.  Transportation issues, recent health problems with me and the kidz and just a malaise of perpetual existential angst has pretty much kept me indoors for a while now.  That being said, maybe it's time to go outside.  Maybe it's time pick up a new sport to be excited about.  But which one?

Football; too much macho BS, too violent.

Hockey; too violent and too cold (and no, the beer does not make up for it).

Soccer: I tend to avoid venues where I can't understand what language 99% of the fans are cursing in.

Tennis: with my blind ass, please.  It's also TOO quiet, and you can't bring booze into the stands.  That's just un-American.

Jai Alai: What?

Baseball: hang on a tick...it's only loud during the pennant season.  It's pastoral, the ticket prices are affordable, and you don't have to always sit in the nose-bleed section.  They have knit-n-stitch AND  bring your pet days...okay, baseball it is.

Go Nationals!

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