Too Much TV

The kidz have always had some interest in what I watch on television.  I'm not a fan of most network shows.  Most of what I watch is on cable and I tend to gravitate towards science programs.  The kidz seem to like it too.  I guess with all those comets whizzing by and stars exploding it just made for a relaxing evening.


 I also do web searches and YouTube on the TV.  I'm trying to decide which tablet to purchase and had been doing some research on the subject (listening to reviews).  Jake especially took interest in my research (I could not get my phone video turned on quick enough to get the full effect of his fascination).  I just thought it was the moving pen.  Then the other day I was watching a crochet video and again, he popped up with great interest on the subject, although Moshe Moshi butted in and messed up his concentration.


If I find my Tablet reformatted and a crochet project I didn't start under my pillow, I will freak.

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