That Banner is Whack

Some of you have inquired and commented on our new banner. For those who don't know me well, I have a bit of a unique aesthetic, drawn to the macabre side of my nature.  I haven't always shared my strange sense of humor publicly.  With a new blog and brand, I decided to embrace the dark and whacky a bit with our look. Though the idea was mine based of course on the reality of my life's choice to own/be owned by a needy, naked cats clawing at me for attention (I scarcely remember what it was like to own clothes without holes), the concept was made real and rendered by Pat Higgins.

Pat has provided his illustrations for a broad range of industries including music, magazines, cartooning and product packaging. I think we are his first cat blog, and hopefully, the experience has not ruined his reputation.

Pat will be producing other works for us to further our brand, so look for new imaging popping up on the blog and FB fan page.

If you are interested in Pat doing an illustration for you, please visit his website at and on FaceBook.

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