Tefilah and Purrayers

I could use some good thoughts this morning; Maus is in the hospital.  She had been feeling little run down for the past few days.  We had a good cuddle on Friday.  Saturday afternoon we had a bath.  I usually let the kidz air-dry for obvious reasons, but she had been shivering so much I decided to give her a blow-dry (the video was her on Saturday).

She had a Vet visit scheduled later this week, but I guess she had other plans.    I woke early this morning to her talking as if she was a bit distressed.  She is disoriented and was unsteady.  She and I had lots of hugs and kisses on our way to the Vet.  I believe she understood that it was me stroking her, but she seemed not to be able to focus.   Her favorite Vet Tech, Mr. Lewis took her right away to consult with her Vet who was on the way to the hospital.

She may be in CKD crisis, or this may be something else, either way, it's pretty serious. They will let my know after some testing.   We will let you know the outcome later.

UPDATE: Feline Vestibular Syndrome, an idiopathic onset of middle ear inflammation.  They don't know what causes it.  She did have a fever, and though it presents like swimmer's ear, the Doc does not think her bath had anything to do with it.
She is resting comfortably, and I should be able to take her home this evening. We will have to see if vertigo clears up.  Some cats retain the head tilt and circling.  With everything else she has going on, I going to ask the ceiling cat to give her a break here. Thank you for your prayers, they always seem to work!

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