Space Available

My naked mancat Moshé Moshi (just check out that butt, just wanna kiss it, don't you?!).  I always thought Moshé Moshi was the perfect shade of nakedness. He’s pasty and a bit translucent on the white side (only pinkish after a bath or a run) and the most naked of Sphynx I have ever come across. I would almost say he was the shade of the cold-press poster board I use to draw on when I was in Art school. Moshe Moshi is like a canvas in a way; he even has ample surface working space without too many distortions. I have an idea on how I could make some cash.  I could rent Moshe Moshi out as advertising space.

He could model tattoos for Sailors;

Maybe vacation destinations;

Ooooh, he’d be great at party invites!

 It’s a great idea…where my agent?!


  1. Sorry dood, we were distracted by that new and FURRY COOL header! MOWZERS you guys are rockin' it!

    1. Thanks guys! The MaMa always says she can't remember what it was like to have clothing without holes!

  2. Smoochie Smoochie Moshe Moshie

  3. OMC! Moshe Moshie! You are the most adorable model and we love your tats! Our mom looks a bit like you when she gets up in the am. Thanks for visiting!


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