Sakura Burūmu

"Cherry Blossom Bloom" if you were wondering what the title is attempting to explain.

I have two favorite moments in the weather cycle.  The first snowfall is beautiful in Washington D.C.  The city becomes ultra-quiet, and everything looks pristine and clean.  My second favorite weather moment after the Cherry Blossoms pass the peak bloom.  They fall off the tree like snow, only in slow motion; just like a movie.

It has been awhile since the peak of the Cherry Blossom blooming, and the Festival celebrating the event have occurred at the same time.  Everything is blooming and here on the National Mall smells so fresh and sweet; it's intoxicating.  The Smithsonian Castle has magnolias and dogwood mixed in with cherry trees in the gardens (Independence Avenue side). I walked by on my way to the office this morning, and despite the overcast sky, it's still beautiful.

The parade is tomorrow starting at 10 AM.  Come early to get a good spot.  Moshe Moshi and I will be out to see the festivities.  It will be extra special this year with the great should come.

Moshe Moshi


  1. Did you have a fun time? It's not often the cherry blossoms and parade are synchronized. Spring time is the best time in DC, it's such a pretty city! The mom worked at the Natural History Museum years ago and loved the city in the spring. Riding the carousel on the Mall during lunch was always fun too.

    1. Moshe Moshi had a great time; he got so much attention. Especially impressed was the crowd when I walked him on his leash.


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