Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Bites - sponsored post asked to use to review Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis.  The kidz have eaten quite a bit of Nature's Variety foods in the past and have found the company to be very responsive to its customer's needs, good quality products, and excellent nutrition. sponsored post

NV Instinct Raw Boost is just what it implies; raw meats meant to boost or supplement the diet and not wreck your pet's nutrition like some snacks can do. Since I carefully monitor what Moshe Moshi eats due to his allergies, it's important to know what he eats does not aggravate his condition.  For us, that means no grains in his food and minimal complex proteins.

NV Instinct Raw Boost Minis' is raw meat. The meat has been freeze-dried and rendered compact, without adding any wheat, corn or soy binders used in many solid pet foods.   I also like that they are minis, we don't have to break up big dog-sized snacks to accommodate smaller mouths.

Other than the nutrition angle, the real test is the taste; it's no good if he doesn't eat it:

Now I'll have to buy Jake some too.  No worries, the minis break apart easily for toothless cats to also enjoy!  Oh, and by the way; Rocks! Free shipping on orders over $50, great pricing and a wide range of product; can't beat that!

You can get yours online at, your pet's favorite foods, treats, and supplies delivered to your door! Tell them sent you! 

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