Middle Ear in Middle Earth

I know I usually set Wednesdays aside for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, but several people have asked about my little Hobbit so I decide to write today.

Feline Vestibular Syndrome (FVS) was the diagnosis for Maus. The Vestibular system in all mammals is responsible for balance.  It's a central series of connections between your ears, eyes and brain.  When one of these components is injured or disrupted, you get vertigo.  For Maus, FVS was an inflammation in her middle ear.  When I took her in to the Vet, she had a temperature of 104° degrees.  Fevers or infections don't necessarily cause this condition.  From the data I've read no one has a definitive answer to what causes a sudden onset in an otherwise healthy cat; Maus CKD is not connected to this in any way.  Maus did have a bath on Saturday night, but her Vets don't think that had anything to do with it either.   I'm pained because Maus has gone through so much in the past two years (teeth resorption, CKD), seeing my brave little girl face another challenge is hard to watch.  But I don't say she is brave lightly.  She still uses her litter box and still insists on sleeping in her usually spaces even if the requires some maneuvering.

After a few days on medication her improvement is  slight, but we have a lone way to go.  She is congested (probably what caused the fever) and I still cannot get her to eat.  We fought a fierce battle when I try to syringe feed her or give her meds.  She is hungry which is a good sign, but like most cats she only eats what she can smell and right now that's not much of anything.

We will be back at the Vet clinic on Monday.  This is a video of Maus trying to focus.  Note that one of her pupils is bigger than the other and the rapid movement.  My poor baby.  Purray for us.


  1. My prayers are with you both.

  2. Good luck to you both all my "fur kids" have their paws crossed for Maus

  3. Poor baby! Purrs and prayers sent your way! <3


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