Matzah and Sunshine

When you hide the Afikoman, make sure you hide it from everyone (including naked kidz).

It's been a tough week; Maus is still not feeling her best, but she is eating and is as sweet as ever.  We do lots of cuddling.  Her favorite place is with my roommate J'Da.  Often I come home with complaints of his arm falling asleep after holding her for an hour while she drifts off to sleep.  Her Vet said do what we are doing and hope for the best.  If nothing else she certainly has gotten fuzzy.  Her coat, the furriest in her life.

I have four more days of Passover with our community seder being this Saturday evening (first Seder for family and a guest family, second on invitation elsewhere.  We do a third less formal for our non-Jewish friends).  Maybe on Sunday if the weather has come back to sanity I'll stroll the kidz outside...if it doesn't snow.

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