Hello, I'm Forrest Gump

Maus is doing better. I say that tentatively in that she still has much recovery time ahead of her.

I took her back to the Vet office earlier than her scheduled appointment because she was still not eating and her condition was regressing. Maus had a little fever, but not much over normal temp for her. The fluttering eyes and imbalance was starting to get worse and she was crying in distress. The Vets gave her something to calm her, got a vitamin boost and was prescribed an antihistamine, helping to dry up her sinuses. Cats tend to eat only what they can smell and that partnered with trying to eat while dizzy was taking its toll.

 Later that night she did attempt to eat, a huge relief.

 This morning though it wasn't a full meal; she did eat more than she had in a week so that was very hopeful. She followed me around the apartment and she even managed to walk to the door; hoping I would let her take a walk outside. We settled for a blanket and a cracked-opened balcony door. 

Looking at her she reminded me of Forrest Gump (we just watched the movie this weekend passed) with that head tilt.

 I’m just glad she’s feeling better.

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