She is struggling, but she is still here.

She was deteriorating quickly, so I took her to a Neurological Specialist; the ear canal is blocked entirely putting pressure on the nervous system and blood supply.  She is weak on the right side and may lose vision in the right eye permanently if we can't open the blockage.  She will probably keep the head tilt for life.  That is too much for one little cat to confront.

Google+ has this Auto Awesome feature when you store your photos.  It attaches music automatically to video as well as cut into scenes and applies visual effects.  It seems sad, but it fit how I am feeling about her struggle.

Purray for her, please.


  1. I'm so sorry. Prayers for you and your sweet kitty!

  2. I am adding her to my Prayers and Purrs log so I can remember to pray for her daily. She looks like such a sweetheart. *Hugs*

    1. She is the delight of my hear and the sweetest of catst. I truly appreciate being on the Purrs log.

  3. Prayers and purrs for your baby. My previous cat had a similar head tilt following a severe ear infection.

  4. Purrs for both of you during this difficult time


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