You Lost that Molting Feeling

Hair has never been an issue for us, certainly not for Moshe Moshi and not so much for Jake and Maus. The Moshi man is always naked of course. Jake and Maus do have hair being Cornish Rexes; although like all C-rexes they only have the soft down layer of hair close to their skin (most cats and dogs have three different layers of hair/fur). Despite this follicle challenge, they do molt (shed) occasionally.

I have lived with Jake and Maus for 9 or the 11-10 years that they have existed in their present incarnation. Maus for most of that time did not have much hair, or at the least didn’t have hair on the grey parts of her skin and the hair was fairly thin on the white parts. For the past two years she has grown a full fur; beautiful and healthy. It’s looking like she actually may keep it.

ignore the trashed bedroom.

Jake on the other hand usually sheds on a cycle, but he would grow hair in the warm months and loose it in the fall/winter. This year he started the shed late, late in the season. He is losing his entire coat now, exposing what is always a skinny body (no worries, he’s fine). He sticking very close to M. Moshi (not for love but for warmth) and it’s funny to see him so huddled up with Moshe Moshi since half the time he just smacks him around and gums him. All of this caused me to put sweaters on him more often this year to keep him warm. No I don’t think I’ll buy or make him more sweaters however; dude has a bigger wardrobe than I. Too bad it’s not enough to knit.

There's either milk or Bailey's in the glass, I don't remember which.

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