Maus -Still Going at Ten

What can I say about my little girl, my angel, my joy?  I don't have the room or the words to do it well; I'm just grateful she is here with me.

March 11, 2004, four kittens were born to a Cornish Rex cat in Maryland, three males, and one female, the runt of the litter.  She was so tiny; the breeder named her "Midge" short for Midget  I showed up to the breeder to see Jake who was up for adoption.  On my second visit, while I was filling out paperwork for Jake, this little gray and white kitten jumped on the couch, sat on my thigh, barked at me once and put her head down to go to sleep.  She chose me, how could I say no.

Dropping the offensive moniker, I renamed her Maus, after a named-the-same favorite graphic novel series by Art Spiegelman

She remains a little cat, never weighing more than 5 and 3/4 pounds.  She barks more than she meows and rules the roost here; she does not take mess from the boys.

Her favorite activity is playing fetch.  She also enjoys walking around our complex when the weather is warm.  She loves cream, pork and shrimp (very not kosher). She is a fashion natural, looking so very cute in anything you put her in.  My neighborhood always looks forward to seeing her and her brothers at events around the DC area.

Sixteen months ago, I found out she acquired acute and severe kidney damage from an unknown source.  She very nearly died, and I was prepared to help her to the bridge when the staff at her Vet's office pitched in their time for free and fought to save her.  Happy to say it worked.

I retired her (along with Jake who also suffered kidney damage) from public appearances so we can spend what time we have fully with each other.  I'm sure we can be seen this Spring/Summer in the stroller if the weather is nice and we feel up to it.  Though she struggles a little with her condition, her energy and spirits are high. Every moment is a gift.  She is still a demanding Diva, but she is a happy, loving cat and will always be my kitten.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  You make waking up every morning worth the trip.



  1. Happy (belated) birthday! We just know you bring such joy to your mom each day!!

  2. Touching and sweet, just like she is. And yes, she looks Faboo in anything she wears!


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