COSMIC kitties

We are huge space fans here at Naked and Hungry. I use to watch Carl Sagan's show when I was a kid.  Though I wasn't brave enough to pursue a science career, I always tried to keep up with the science and discoveries.

The show has some of my favorite people involved; Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Director at the Hayden Planetarium) is hosting,  Seth McFarland (Family Guy/ Ted) is producing.   With todays tech and information the program can only succeed.

I credit Dr. Sagan with introducing to the public the premise that Science is not just complicated theories, but it actually fun and easier to connect to our daily lives that we may think.  Even the kidz loved watching it.  We what the other science show on Science Channel and Discovery.  I've noticed over time that the kidz, especially Maus loves to watch swirling gases and flying comets on the screen.  Moshe Moshi is starting to get into it too.  We are gong to have fun watching this together.

You may want to tune in on Friday starting at dusk (8pm est).  NatGeo and NASA (National Aeronautical Space Agency) is having the International Space Station take fly-by video of the earth.

National Geographic Channel will broadcast LIVE from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston, Texas. The ISS will go into orbit flying at 17,500 mph nearly 250 miles above the earth. Not only will you see the earth as the stations flies by, but also the astronauts at the ISS. They’ll talk to the public in real-time about living on the ISS. Should be cool.

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  1. Billions and billions loved Carl Sagan and the show...hope the new one is as good!


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